Circular - Unique Bootstrap Pages

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Item Name: Circular - Unique Bootstrap Pages
Item Version: v 1.0
Support Email: [email protected]
First of all, Thank you for purchasing this template and for being my loyal customer. You are awesome!
You are entitled to get free lifetime updates to this product and exceptional support from us.
This documentation is to help you regarding each step of customization. Please go through the documentation carefully to understand how this template is made and how to edit this properly. Basic HTML and CSS knowledge is required to customize this template. You may learn basics here, here and here.


You will need the following software to customize this template:
  • Code Editing Software (eg: Atom, Sublime Text or Notepad)
  • Web Browser for testing (eg: Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)
  • FTP Tool to upload files to Server (eg: FileZilla)
Be careful while editing the template. If not edited properly, the design layout may break completely.
No support is provided for faulty customization.
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